Russell House

Empowering victims of domestic and sexual abuse by providing confidential services so that they may live their life violence free.


Phelps County Family Crisis Services, Inc. 

A safe place for victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence

Serving Crawford, Dent, Maries and Phelps counties since 1994

24 Hour Domestic Violence Crisis Line 1-800-998-8340

24 Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line 1-888-570-3703


Our services include:

  • Shelter: We can provide safe and secure shelter
  • Referrals: When appropriate, we can help coordinate and refer to other shelters
  • Support groups: We provide support groups throughout the week for domestic and sexual violence.  Support groups are held in Phelps, Maries, Dent and Crawford counties, call Russell House during office hours for exact times and locations.
  • Health & Wellness groups: We provide information on health and wellness, such as: healthy eating, physical fitness, stress relieving techniques
  • Batterers intervention: We provide services for volunteer and court ordered men from Phelps, Dent, Crawford, and Maries counties by providing information, techniques, and options for men who want to stop their controlling behaviors.
  • Advocacy: We can help you with suggestions and help you plan for your safety; assist in finding community resources that are available and appropriate.
  • Court Advocacy: We can help with explanations of your legal rights and assist in legal processes such as Order of Protection.
  • 24 Hour Crisis Hot-line: We provide confidential crisis intervention & counsel ling
  • Individual Adult and Children's Counseling: Therapy is provided for adults and children to address issues of domestic and sexual violence.
  • Outreach Offices: The general public can receive services in regards to domestic and sexual violence which can include: court advocacy, crisis advocacy, referrals, support groups and other services in offices located in Phelps, Maries, Dent and Crawford counties.
  • Community Outreach: Providing the community with opportunities to learn more about violence in our communities.
  • Volunteer: Providing the community opportunities to volunteer for a one time or continual basis
  • Primary Prevention & Violence Prevention Education: Providing the community education about preventing violence and bystander intervention.

For more information on our services and programs, please click here.

Russell House is Handicapped Accessible

All services are free to both residents and non-residents.